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Steve Schweitzberger is a
Columbine parent whose daughter
escaped the commons uninjured on
April 20,1999.

"I do not like the word closure,
but part of my recovery was to
make a record of important
information I gathered in the
past 21 months,
" Schweitzberger
said on March 2,2001 when he
released his 40 flags of Columbine
report to Colorado Governor Bill
Owens' Columbine Commission.
Schweitzberger, who goes by
Steve S., mailed copies of his
report to all the nation's governors
and President Bush. Response has
been respectful.
premiered 6-5-2001.

" Our county sheriff released over 11,000 pages of Columbine information about who,what,where and when.
My report is aimed at why and focused on prevention.
Some of my conclusions are controversial. I suggest reading flag #39 first, then the introduction before
skipping to topics of concern to you."

Steve Schweitzberger
6270 W. Summit Dr.
Columbine Estates
Littleton Colorado 80123